The ABNC was set up in June 1986 with the aims of:-

“Increasing and strengthening naturist club membership, to produce a membership card acceptable to other clubs within the ABNC, mutually share information and provide help in starting and running naturist clubs.”

Since this information and assistance is for the furtherance of clubs, individuals are not offered ABNC membership.

This website offers information about the wide range of naturist clubs within the UK and how to contact them. As such we are able to help those who wish to find a club to join or to visit for a holiday away from home.

If you are new to naturism you will find that the member clubs of ABNC are welcoming and friendly. A courteous inquiry will receive a positive response.

Naturist clubs throughout the UK have predominately been created by their members for their members and as such all have an individuality all of their own.

Club naturism started in the UK around 1930. Many clubs have been in operation for a long while and are well established, whilst other clubs are more recent and still evolving.

Each club has it’s own policy for new members and visitors and we would respectfully request that you accept their specific rules.